Micha, I found two essays by Carol Norton that have some nice overlaps with you and Alexander Beiner. I shared both your and Alex's pieces I found similar with Carol in a comment.

Here are two related links to Carol's work that I found similarly insightful.



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Thank you, Steven, for making these connections. I will definitely read Carol's articles.

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In our evolution, humans have honed and developed deep-seated beliefs that have furthered our species, like religion and the belief in an afterlife. These include a “Denial of Death” which may have been an adaptive trait in our evolution that brought us to this point of being the dominant species on Earth. Unfortunately, as Rob Mielcarski has noted on his blog “Undenial,” we have produced existential and wicked problems and challenges like Global Climate Change, mass species extinction, and destruction of our life sustaining eco-systems. This feature of denying death may now be a hinderance rather than a benefit. This work is based on the book by Ernest Becker, Denial of Death, and the book Denial — Self-Deception, False Beliefs, and the Origins of the Human Mind, by Ajit Varki and Danny Brower. Varki’s book postulates the Mind Over Reality Transition theory for human development in evolution.

Liberalism was produced by the values of modernity, from the enlightenment.

It is under attack today from pre-modern traditionalism and post-modern, both of them illiberal.

I hope Protopia makes forward progress in coming up with a post post-modern approach. You make want to consider either/both Integral metatheory and/or Critical Realism.

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